How It Works

1. A care package from home

Brit living abroad, or simply love everything British? Our care packages start at $36 USD and are the perfect gift to yourself, or to a friend. Subscribe, and receive a care package each month, squished to the brim with authentic British chocolate, treats & food items. You will also find fun and practical goods that are guaranteed to remind you of home! Sometimes it's nice to receive a care package!

2. Posted with love from England

Our highly trained carrier pigeons* take care to transport your packages quickly & carefully. We deliver directly from England and ship worldwide. Delivery is always free! Once in the air, your care package arrives to most countries within only 4 to 5 business days. Rest assured that it will be worth the wait! (*pigeons may or may not actually perform the delivery)

3. Love, share & enjoy!

We hope you enjoy all the fun, love and yumminess squished inside your care package! Lots of care and attention goes into it, and we always love to hear what our subscribers think when they receive them. Post about it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and if you tag us, we will enter you to win a bonus care package. We give one away every month!

    "Brilliant" - Nicholas @quitepeckish Facebook

    "Love the range of items" - Kylie @englandandiowa Blog

    "None of the pretend British stuff" - Toni Hargis, Expat Mum Blog

Like a care package from your family

  • Find nostalgic brands that you love, along with new and interesting items only found in Britain. Now you can stay in touch with home, away from home!

  • Contrary to our name, our care packages aren't that little, as they contain at least 20 items every month. You will find that they are truly squished well to the brim!

  • You receive only the freshest, most current products directly from the UK. No travel time in shipping containers or months on the shelves.

  • Shipping is always fast and free. We want to make sure you absolutely LOVE every box!

  • Subscribe for yourself, or choose to gift one (or multiple) to a friend! Prices start at $36 USD, shipped worldwide! Cancel or put your subscription on hold anytime.

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Fancy a peek inside, or want to learn more?
Read our BLOG posts to see reviews, sneek peeks and care package photos! Also see our FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Our Products

Subscription (monthly)

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $39.00 USD Monthly

A little care package lovingly pigeon posted each month. Shipping is free, cancel anytime! Sign up for yourself, or send to a loved one. (Single month gift options available during check-out)

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Subscription (3 months)

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $108.00 USD Every 3 Months

$36 USD per month when you purchase 3 months. We will lovingly pigeon post a care package each month, and renew every 3 months. Cancel the renewal, or skip/postpone a delivery anytime!

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